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Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


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Civil Globe Co was founded by the main co-founder Mr.Yassin Qadir Saeed who has about 16 years of teaching and translation experience. He was the first person who founded the first language institute all over Iraq and Kurdistan , IDEL in 1999 in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq. Since then he has been working hard to develop the business and level it to match it to the international standards.

Civil Globe Co is a new business version developed from ACE Institute of Translator Education which was also founded by Mr. Yassin in 2003.We are now very proud to find ourselves in the right direction of reaching our goals. We are, again the very only company in the country with a clear and rich version of our business. Our goal is to help people everywhere to get familiarized with the importance of language as an effective tool for international communications and trans-nationalize the Kurdish language through translation means. We, aim to provide our clients and customers with professional products in the fields of foreign language teaching, professional and scientific training, as well as the provision of educational consultancy and studying abroad services. Civil Globe Co has been devoted to producing best quality and prices ever provided in the region. We are here to serve you and produce what meets your individual needs and demands.

We offer our students foreign language learning courses -English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Arabic and Persian. We have also started teaching Kurdish (Sorani) to foreigners working and living in Kurdistan region. We have been teaching all the English language levels to children, young adults and adults. Our courses cover a wide range of areas and levels with focus on individual student needs.
CGCO is the leading company in language teaching field. It is our aim to make a difference in this line of profession. Your learning is the result that we consider our final goal. You will be refunded if you don't obtain more than what you gave to us.

The company is best known for its effective methods of teaching internationally accepted examination preparation courses.Almost all of the following exam preparation courses are offered at our center throughout the year. Civil Globe Co has always been seeking establishing new partnership worldwide. In 2006, when Civil Globe Co was first operated under ACE Institute of Translator Education, the company became an an authorized representative of Study group, since then we have been recruiting for many of their programs offered by the most famous universities in the UK, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. More recently and since it operation under its new name - Civil Globe Co.