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MS Professional Training & Career Center

Baku, Azerbaijan


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Founded in 2008  MSPRo is distinguished with its style of rendering language and other services as well as with the method of teaching.

We are in constant contact with our graduates and trainees following up with their career growth and supporting them in achieving their goals. In 2012 MS Professional Training and Career Center made great strides in the field of services. Thanks to its approach, communication culture and service orientation as of a professional trainer MSPro has trained more than 800 students in the last few years.

MS Professional Training and Career and Language Training Centers are constantly developing rapidly improving the service standards of which we are proud of!

We offer our customers the 6 directions of the following practices.

  • Personal development training

  • Business development training

  • Human Resources Management Training

  • Management and training for managers

  • Phone service training

  • Services in the areas of training

 We offer complete solution for language learning

  • English as a second language

  • English to speakers of other languages

  • Business English

  • English for special purposes

  • General and test level French

  • General and test level Spanish

  • General and professional Russian

  • General and professional Azeri

 We offer psychological services individually and for

  • Groups of children and adults

  • Individuals

  • Family therapy and consultations

 We have special programs

  • Teach and travel abroad with job placement services

  • Study abroad programs for students

  • Preparation for international admission tests for colleges and universities worldwide (TOEFL. IELTS, SAT, GRE)

Our services are not limited to the listed above as we have special services such as

  • Translation services from and to many languages

  • Publishing

  • Document processing

  • Resume/CV design and creation

  • Job placement worldwid

  • Business consultations and negotiations

  • Contract drafting and followups

  • Export/import, logistics and procurement

  • ISO 9001:2008(15) package and audit representation services