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ABOUT US:  IMAGO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is the cinematographic company specializing in various fields of film and video clip making, digital editing and software production.

TEAM: We have friendly and reliable team of professional in all spheres of filmmaking and therefore, our production is a one-step process from the beginning to the end until the film or video clip is released.

PREMISES: Our studio has all facilities to make the filming and post-filming production successful fitting it into shortest possible timeframes.

MOBILITY: Our crew is on the move whenever the location requires it. We choose the location, select cast, right equipment and, voila! We are where we are needed most.

PORTFOLIO:  includes: educational, feature, commercial filming solutions. Our projects embrace sample video clips for Duracell, Casio, Huawei, etc.

TRAINING: We have special classes for prospect cinematographers. These classes are composed of professional theory training programs in

  • Master in American, British and World Literature
  • Master in Film and Cinematography
  • Master in Drama and Theater

All these courses are handled on our premises and in close cooperation with TIELC online training system.

Some of our works can be viewed below:


Contact us for any kind of professional filming and video clip solution in anywhere in the world.